We Will Always Be Together XX

'We Will Always Be Together xx’ explores the extraordinary fantasies and new realities created by the computer age, investigating our transfigured lives, as we spend as much time online in digital worlds as we do in reality.

Pioneering artists from across the region, and beyond reveal new perceptions of the digital age across 4 new dynamic spaces: Super Natural, Super Hero, Super Viral and Super Computer, curated by Wigan-based international artists AL and AL.

Transforming the entire first floor Atrium of The Galleries, ‘We Will Always Be Together xx’ invites everyone to discover The Fire Within our digital age and reshape art making, research and knowledge, working life, social connections through Art, Music, Film, Performance, Dance and Poetry.

Open Wed-Sat 11-3pm

The exhibition was curated by Al and Al, supported by Wigan Council


The Galleries, 1 Market Street, Wigan, North West, WN1 1AR

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