BBC Novels That Shaped The World

Often regarded as the first English novel, we’re all familiar with the basics of the Robinson Crusoe story: a man, a shipwreck to a desert island, some survival skills that would give Bear Grylls a run for his money… and his faithful servant – Man Friday. But what if Robinson Crusoe got some things a bit…well, wrong? What if ‘Man’ Friday…wasn’t? And what if it wasn’t the first novel after all? "I Am Not Friday" is a new humorous and imaginative re-telling of the Robinson Crusoe story. This one woman show, commissioned by Greater Manchester Libraries, will tell a different story from the perspective of Woman Friday, and will explore themes of race and identity. It will last for around 40 minutes. This is part of the BBC Novels That Shaped The World project.


Leigh Town Hall, Civic Square, Market Street, Leigh, Greater Manchester, WN7 1DY

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