How Time Flies by Handmade Theatre


Stuart Pickett

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of watching How Time Flies by HandMade Theatre! How Time Flies was a child friendly, interactive show that journeyed through the past from ancient Egypt to Viking times. Their use of music to tell the story was very impressive as, as an actor myself, I love it when theatre makers find interesting and fun ways to develop the story.

The show was a great laugh and the children watching certainly enjoyed it, even if there was a large amount of dirt, worms and poo being thrown in their direction! Handmade Theatre have done an incredible job and I, personally, would go and watch this show again and again and again!

If you're interested in watching this show or seeing what Handmade Theatre are up to, you can follow them on twitter at @HandMadeTheatre or find them on Facebook at

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