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The turnout to events at the Old courts this week has been incredible and fills me with hope. As a creator, I know that waiting to see if your audience will arrive or not is a stressful thing and can really weigh down on you and your cast. That level of stress is indeed amplified when you are a small performance venue in Wigan. Luckily, the turnout to the events for the Wigan Arts Festival at the Old Courts has been overwhelmingly positive!

The feedback that has been received from audiences is encouraging and helpful at this stage of the development of the Old Courts. I spent the first Saturday of the festival working on the bar for the Dance Patchwork and to see and hear such a large audience of around 90 people enjoying the performance was an incredible feeling.

As for other venues at the Old Courts, the art gallery has seen a huge amount of people through its doors and I myself have enjoyed studying the work that is on show. The grand vault has seen a number of musical acts and the bailiff bar has been home to Improv nights and drink and draw sessions which i've heard have been incredibly successful!

I'm very excited to be able to spend the next week at the Old Courts for the Arts Festival and look forward to being able to blog again in the next week. There is indeed hope for the creative arts in Wigan and places like the Old Courts are at the forefront of the movement to give art a home here.

Art gallery at the Old Courts

Art gallery at the Old Courts

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