The Grand Vault

Live Performance Venue

The Grand Vault is the Largest Complex currently completed at the Old Courts which is accessed from the First Entrance on Crawford Street through the giant Oak doors. 

The Flexible complex is used for both seated and standing events with a large stage, full PA system and Lighting Rig. 

The Complex has full bar facilities, toilets and accomidation for Artsits backstage. 

The Grand Vault is accessed via a staircase of 9 steps. There is currently no lift or ramp access to this venue.

The Victorian Court Room

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The recently restored Victorian Court Room has been lovingly reset back to its former glory of 1888, the 129 Year Old former seat of justice is the Jewel in the crown of the building with its origanal Oak panneling and large stained glass windows. 

As a performance complex the Court Room offers an abundance of comforable seating configurations, as well as full bar facilities and a comfortable lounge area. 

The Victorian court Room is located on the First Floor towards the top of Crawford Street where there is a high level sign indicating the entrance. To access the complex there are 23 stairs, there is currently no lift or Ramp access to the complex. 

The Isherwood Gallery

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The latest space to be developed in the Old Courts Complex is the Isherwood Gallery and Suites. The space has been developed to Increase the Arts Centres reach into the Visual Arts and Digital Arts.

The Isherwood Gallery is on the second floor of the Old Courts Complex and is accessed through the Grand Vault Entrance.

There are 2 Staircases in addition to the Grand Vault Entrance Stairs and there is currently no Lift or Ramp Access to the space. 

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The Old Courts Venues