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What The Most People Saw is a project that has been going since 2013. On the same day each year, the images from the top news stories from each country of the world are collected. Year on year, until the artist dies, these images will be painted onto glass. This will form a ridiculous record over time. What is usually fleetingly popular becomes fixed, and what is deemed important in this one moment is placed in relation to the finality of death.


Jess Rotherham is an artist based in Wigan. She graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2015. Subsequently, she has been selected to exhibit at the Royal Scottish Academy (Edinburgh), the Hidden Door Festival (Edinburgh), Incubarte7 (Valencia, Spain) and BigCi (NSW, Australia). Her work is made up of long-term projects, each of which is likely to last a lifetime. The main themes are time, and the smallness of one life within large systems. Visit the blog for What The Most People Saw and Jess Rotherham’s website for more projects www.jessrotherham.com.